A life of glitz and glam… or the love of a good man?

“What I want is to live my life, without letting Hollywood interfere.”

Jake Fournier is more than just an up and coming movie star: he’s also a proudly gay man, using his star power to bring attention to the causes close to his heart. About to make his big break in Hollywood, he has to break the news to his studio that he’s broken up with his abusive, narcissistic boyfriend Connor, a top director. All the execs can think about is marketing and money — but Jake’s not going to let them dictate his life.

“Ten years with the Marines, yet I still don’t have the courage to face my past.”

You wouldn’t notice Max Wiltshire in a room: despite his rugged good looks and Olympian body, he’s the soul of discretion and professionalism in his role as a top bodyguard. He’s hoping he won’t be assigned to a prima donna Hollywood star when he gets a contract with a big studio, but he rises to the challenge when they tell him he has to pretend to be Jake’s boyfriend for the Snowbasin Film Festival, where his new blockbuster is premiering!

“This is something special… I won’t stop fighting to make it happen.”

Jake finds his new bodyguard — and pretend boyfriend — enigmatic: he’s mysterious, and doesn’t give much of his painful past away. Max learns that behind the Hollywood glitz and glam, Jake is a sensitive soul who’s caring, genuine and loving. On a trip to a remote cabin to get away from the paparazzi, their curiosity becomes passion…

But is this a one-time fling, or can they find true love in the midst of all the distractions? Will fame and fortune bring them together… or drive them apart?

Pretend Boyfriend is a sweet and steamy first-time gay romance. It is a full-length novel with no cliffhanger and a satisfying HEA.