From Bestselling Author Michelle Love…

Mallory – A Billionaire Romance

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The story of the Mallory Family: Scion Randall Mallory, has four sons and one grandson who have all excelled in their own ways and who have conquered the art world, business world, tech world, acting world, sports world and property worlds. They are the richest family on the West Coast. Mallory tells their story along with the women and friends in their lives who eventually interact and fall in love….

Mallory Book 1: Torment Me

When art student Quilla Chen bravely dives into a Venetian canal to rescue a suicidal man, she has no way of knowing the man she has saved in the eldest son of one of America’s wealthiest families. But Jakob Mallory has his own dark secrets – an addiction to cocaine which has fueled his epic rise….

Mallory Book 2: Touch Me

With his lover Quilla badly injured by his resentful partner, Gregor, Jakob Mallory waits for news on Quilla’s condition. He leans on his family for support, especially his brother Joel. Joel Mallory has devoted his life to raising the son he had at 20, Skandar Mallory. Now that Skandar is a twenty-five-year-old tennis superstar….

Mallory Book 3: Trust Me

When Skandar Mallory, the world’s number tennis player is accused of a brutal murder while on tour in Rome, his whole world collapses. His family, especially his father Joel and Joel’s new girlfriend, Nan, rally around the devastated twenty-five-year-old. After being granted bail, he returns to the United States, and to his hometown of Seattle…

Mallory Book 4: Tame Me

When Kit Mallory is forced to take a job appearing in British singer, Bo Kennedy’s music video, he resents the singer for sparring with and humiliating, him on Twitter. After a disastrous interview, he goes to ground in London, both his reputation and his relationship with his family in jeopardy…..

Mallory Book 5: Trouble Me

Grady Mallory, the youngest of four wildly successful brothers, is the only one of his family to follow in his father Randall’s footsteps and chose the art world as his passion in life. Widowed at a young age, Grady has deliberately avoided romantic entanglements after losing the woman he loved….

Mallory Book 6: Tarnish Me

Grady Mallory is horrified to learn that his young protégé, Floriana Morgan, has been attacked and left for dead by an unknown assailant. Rushing to her side, he is further shocked when it is revealed that Flori had been unknowingly working for Gregor Fisk, the psychopathic billionaire trying to bring down Grady’s whole family. ….

Mallory Book 7: Threaten Me

Even after the horrors of the past months, nothing can prepare the billionaire Mallory family for the sudden and brutal shock of a loved one’s death. Their grief is only outweighed by their desire to seek justice for their fallen member….

Mallory Book 8: Take Me

Gregor Fisk has abducted Quilla Chen and Hayley Applebee and now the Mallory family is locked in a battle to find the two women before Gregor carries out his threat to kill them ….

Mallory Book 9: Taunt Me

Quilla Chen and Hayley Applebee are still being held by Gregor Fisk, and he’s raised the stakes; in exchange for Hayley’s life, Quilla must give herself to him in every way. Despite being sickened, Quilla goes through with it, not knowing ….

Mallory Book 10: Treasure Me

With Hayley home safely, the search now concentrates on trying to find Quilla and at last, the FBI have a real lead. But Quilla is fighting for her life. After killing and escaping from Gregor Fisk….