Nothing Beats Taking it long and hard from the Bad Boy….


Dax Harding is trash.

He’s volatile, dangerous, sexy and wild.

Four years ago, he took my heart and shattered it into pieces, leaving me broken and alone.

And now he’s back.

He’s the same Dax Harding, only deadlier.

His lean physique has filled out in all the right places.

He has a new tattoo on his forearm, a reptile that snakes up over his chiseled muscles.

He’s walking sex and pulsing testosterone, with a reckless attitude and a penchant for fistfights.

But his green eyes are still the same as I remember—magnetic, hypnotizing, almost lethal.

We never had the chance to do all of the dirty things I’d imagined.

But I’m determined not to let him work his magic on me again.

The only thing is, Dax Harding doesn’t take no for an answer.

And he wants one more shot at breaking my heart.