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Author: Lady Vixxen

Dirty Sexy Alphas (Twenty Book Box Set)

*NO CLIFFHANGERS! THIS 20 BOOK BOX SET CONTAINS ONLY COMPLETE SERIES WITH HEAs* ***Warning: DIRTY SEXY ALPHAS contains pages and pages of dirty alpha males, steamy sex, and passionate romance from bestselling author Hannah Ford, Ella London, and Paige North.*** Authors Hannah Ford, Ella London, and Paige North combine to bring you the sexiest, hottest books with the dirtiest alpha males —guaranteed to leave you gasping for more! Whether you like your alphas to be billionaires, bad boys, or bosses, this TWENTY BOOK BOX SET indulges every secret fantasy you’ve ever had. Contained inside this bundle: FILTHY LIAR by Paige North (Second Chance With My Best Friend’s Brother) (The Complete Series, 6 Books) OBSESSED WITH HIM by Hannah Ford (The Complete Series, 6 Books) PANTY DROPPER by Paige North (A Sexy Standalone Romance) STOLEN by Ella London (The Complete Series, 4 Books) THE BILLIONAIRE’S FAKE FIANCE by Ella London (The Complete Series, 3...

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Two Hitmen: A Double Bad Boy Mafia Romance (Lawless Book 1)

We are two bad, bad men We’re professionals. Whatever the job is, if the money’s right, we get it done – the dirtier the better. This hit was supposed to be simple. A man wanted his business partner offed. It’s not nice, but it’s what we do, and the price was sure right. Except the client turned out to be a man who liked to mess things up. When you’re dealing with men like us, that’s a bad idea. We didn’t know that our business would turn out to be with an abusive, cheating scumbag, or that he would leave an innocent, beautiful, young widow with curves to tempt our watering mouths and eyes to harden us both right up. She’s pure and nearly untouched, but one look from her unlocks a force deep inside both of us, a powerful and raging need. We both want to claim her and make her ours until she screams in pleasure – and we share everything else. I’m a very nice girl Call me old fashioned, but I like things traditional. That’s why I saved myself for marriage, why I’m a housewife… and why the two strangers in my living room, spreading and lounging all over my furniture like sex in suits, they just cannot be here. Liam and Declan turned my life upside down. Everything that I thought I had was...

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