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Author: Lady Vixxen

Best Erotic Fiction: Discovering Her Inner Whore

After her twenty-seventh birthday, Susan finds that life no longer has its normal flair. Colors seem dull and faded, and she finds herself in an existential funk. Things look bleak for Susan until she sees an ad in the paper offering to show “her deepest desire.” Deciding that she has nothing to lose, she contacts the ad and sees what they have for her. Behind the ad is a doctor and his experimental machine that can show a person exactly what he or she needs most deeply. As it turns out, her deepest desire involves three half naked men and a bearskin rug. After the intensely erotic encounter with a triplicate version of a man who used to serve her coffee, Susan finds that life has been pumped back into her. However, she finds herself desiring that dream world more and more. Will her addiction to a fantasy overcome her attachment to reality? Read on and find out....

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Best Erotic Fiction Presents: When the Alpha Male turns Daddy

Guy Rule: Don’t knock a girl up and disappear for a year. Weston Davis was a jaded CIA operative who didn’t believe in love at first sight—until the moment he laid eyes on Aspen Kennedy and knew she was meant to be his. With an undercover operation only days away, the timing was horrible. But he didn’t let it get in the way of spending an explosive weekend with her before he has to leave. Aspen believed Weston when he told her he’d be back. Twelve months, a positive pregnancy test, and countless emails later, she’s given up hope on ever hearing from him again. She’s left alone to raise their baby, a treasured gift from the man who’d stolen her heart and smashed it to pieces. When Weston comes storming back into her life, he has a new mission: claim his family, find the person who’d almost caused him to lose them, and make them pay. Warning: If you’re in the mood for a quick & dirty read with an alpha male who’s determined to make up for lost time, this novella is for you! Bonus Content! I’m Yours, Baby includes an extra Fiona Davenport book, Deception: Mafia Ties #1, which starts at about the 62% mark. For a limited time only!...

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Best Erotic Fiction: Taking it all from the Bad-Boy….

  Nothing Beats Taking it long and hard from the Bad Boy….   Dax Harding is trash. He’s volatile, dangerous, sexy and wild. Four years ago, he took my heart and shattered it into pieces, leaving me broken and alone. And now he’s back. He’s the same Dax Harding, only deadlier. His lean physique has filled out in all the right places. He has a new tattoo on his forearm, a reptile that snakes up over his chiseled muscles. He’s walking sex and pulsing testosterone, with a reckless attitude and a penchant for fistfights. But his green eyes are still the same as I remember—magnetic, hypnotizing, almost lethal. We never had the chance to do all of the dirty things I’d imagined. But I’m determined not to let him work his magic on me again. The only thing is, Dax Harding doesn’t take no for an answer. And he wants one more shot at breaking my heart....

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This is the best LGBTQ book around: Unlawfully Claimed (The Omega Rescue Book 1)

      Read one of the best LGBTQ books around! 5% of royalties received from the sale of Buyer Beware are donated to The Trevor Project; the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) young people ages 13-24. How many Omegas can say they were rescued BY a kidnapping ring before they were rescued FROM it? Thane was an Omega with a very dark secret trying to break free from an unpleasant past when he was hired as a paralegal in the local shifter law firm. Alpha Haldrian Christof, Drey to his friends, was one of the few local attorneys specialing in shifter law. His first attempt at claiming an Omega, a visit to the Omega auction, had ultimately failed. That didn’t stop him from falling for his new paralegal, a kidnapping victim with soft blond curls and entrancing blue eyes. When Thane’s past catches up with him, will Drey be able to protect him or will his Omega be deemed unlawfully claimed? The Omega Rescue series tells the stories of Omegas who were rescued in The Omega Auction: Book Two Buyer Beware....

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Who wants to get down…and dirty with a millionaire?

From Bestselling Author Michelle Love… Mallory – A Billionaire Romance Limited Time, download this series for just 99c or Free with Kindle Unlimited The story of the Mallory Family: Scion Randall Mallory, has four sons and one grandson who have all excelled in their own ways and who have conquered the art world, business world, tech world, acting world, sports world and property worlds. They are the richest family on the West Coast. Mallory tells their story along with the women and friends in their lives who eventually interact and fall in love…. Mallory Book 1: Torment Me When art student Quilla Chen bravely dives into a Venetian canal to rescue a suicidal man, she has no way of knowing the man she has saved in the eldest son of one of America’s wealthiest families. But Jakob Mallory has his own dark secrets – an addiction to cocaine which has fueled his epic rise…. Mallory Book 2: Touch Me With his lover Quilla badly injured by his resentful partner, Gregor, Jakob Mallory waits for news on Quilla’s condition. He leans on his family for support, especially his brother Joel. Joel Mallory has devoted his life to raising the son he had at 20, Skandar Mallory. Now that Skandar is a twenty-five-year-old tennis superstar…. Mallory Book 3: Trust Me When Skandar Mallory, the world’s number tennis player is accused of...

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